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On This Day in History: 1836, Sam Houston Becomes 1st President of the Republic of Texas

For centuries, Texas was a part of Mexico. Then in 1836, Texas declared it's independence, during it's war with the rest of Mexico. Texas wanted to be a part of the United States, but while it recognised Texan independence from Mexico, it refused to allow Texas into the Union.So in October 1836, Virginian born Sam Houston was inaugurated as the first President of Texas. During it's nine years as it's own nation, it had legations (a minor form of Embassy) in Paris and London, the one in London ending up being the headquarters of the White Star Shipping Line, and then for a while, a Tex Mex restaurant. All the while trying to join the United States. Eventually, relations with France and the UK paid off, Texas was annexed into the United States in 1844, and became the 28th State in 1845. Sam Houston meanwhile, having been President of Texas again from 1841-1844, was elected to the US Senate, where he served from 1846-1859, and was then Governor of Texas from 1859-1861, w…

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