Saturday, July 02, 2005

Live 8: Evening in Europe

Well it's 21:45GMT right now and I am doing another entry while Mariah Carey is performing.
I didn't expect Bob Geldof to come on and perform 'I Don't Like Monday's' and I am glad he did. I am also glad that, again as in Live Aid, he stopped for a few seconds after the line 'And the lesson today is how to die....'
Let us not forget what this is about and why we are involved, if we have been, and if not why not. You still have a chance to sign the petition on the Live 8 website, a link is on this blog.
I particually enjoyed Stereophonics and Keane's set and Travis performing 'Why Does It Always Rain...' with a backdrop of photos of Africans with rolexs, deodorants, etc... Again if we can afford to help we can.
Words to songs are taking new meanings, as in Live Aid. Keane performed 'Somewhere Only We Know' in their set and that seemed to mean something different, I have just seen Sting perform 'Every Breath You Take..' with photos of the G8 leaders behind him.
And it is still going on, still a lot of performances and yet nearly eight hours have gone since Hyde Park joined Live 8 and the time has just flown by
And BTW once you have signed your name on the Live 8 petition, get someone else to do so as well



PS And let us also not forget, as Lenny Henry said, another reason why we are involved today.
We are scared of Bob.


Annie Porthouse said...

i don't check yr blog for a couple of days and then there's tons to read! only kiddin - keep up the good work - i enjoy reading all of it (unless it's too political, then you've lost me!)

loved live8 too - loved robbie W and madonna, and even loved the 'older' bands that i'm less familiar with... even found myself wishing i were there!

yes, loved the 'we'll be watching you' song/images... v amusing, a bit threatening really, rather like: we know where you live, sorta thing! funny tho.

scared of Bob? most people seem to be! ho ho ho!

Paul Burgin said...

Thanks for the vote of confidence.
Actually when Lenny Henry mentioned that joke I am sure he was thinking of the 'Spitting Image' sketch where the 'USA for Africa' lot (The American version of Band Aid) sing 'We're Scared of Bob' to the tune of 'We Are the World..'
Was disapointed not to see Queen, or even 'The Rolling Stones' there, because if they took part it might have helped draw in more of a responce, but C'est la vie!