Monday, July 18, 2005

Some more photos

Here are some photos I took yesterday, during my evening walk.
On the way to the local church, via a public footpath, there is a lovely spot where you can see the surrounding fields. During the summer there are some brilliant sunsets to be seen from this place, so I thought I would show you an example :).
The Church is 'St Margaret of Antioch', in Bygrave. It pre-dates the Norman Conquest and there was probably a building on this site as far back as the 4th Century AD.
It is one of my favourite places, where I can go for peace and quiet and some reflection.


Annie Porthouse said...

'peace and quiet'??
what's that?!
perhaps i'll find some one day, when kids leave home... only another 12 years to go then...!

Paul Burgin said...

It always seems to happen in pockets and not dribs and drabs doesn't it!