Monday, July 11, 2005

Startled Rabbit!

One of Mars Hill's readers has e-mailed me to say that I look like a startled rabbit in my photo.
I am not too keen on it either and will change it shortly.
I was thinking about this one of me, one of the very few of me on my computer, taken in Rome on February 1st during a day trip with my Dad and brother.
It was quite a day, never having been Rome before in eight hours we took in the Colessium, the Vatican City, and this nice little fountain you see behind me.
It was also the day the previous Pope's health started to seriously decline and he was rushed to the Gemeli Hospital with throat problems.
We heard the news on the BBC World Service when we arrived back at Stanstead and told each other that we were in the Vatican only hours before, looking around St Pter's Basillica.
So a memorable day for a number of reasons.


roberta said...

Please, I say this in your own interest, shave that moustache.
Italian girl

roberta said...

what is a startled rabbit?