Thursday, July 07, 2005


And I was going to talk about Live 8 in Edinburgh today, well I will do later on...
Never in my life before have I had to text so many friends and aquaintences (those who live and/or work in London) and ask if they are safe, and likewise receive one or two texts myself, asking if I am in London and alright. It was all somewhat slightly unnerving.
What has happened today was, and it goes without saying, barbaric, cowardly, and just pure evil. If, as it is likely, it is Al Queida, then they have probably timed this attack to coincide with the G8 summit in Edinburgh. They will also realise, no matter how long it takes, that they will not panic London into submission, nor will their ultimate aims succeed. What these people do is not pro Islamic, nor is it in the name of democratic or religious freedom. What they do is out of fear and paranoia and out of their leaders own psychotic bloodlust. Would Osama Bin Laden ever volunteer for a suicide bombing mission?
What must be done now is to pray for all concerned, and to do, and co'operate with all that is practically necessary to help get London running normally again.


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Annie Porthouse said...

the news seems to present this as the horror of horrors for london -the worst thing that could have happened - exactly what we feared might happen, etc.
i find this odd - i saw lots of docu-dramas, that were followed up by live debates from experts, re possible terrorism in london. These 'suggested' attacks were WAY WAY worse than what happened yesterday!
I'm not playing down what happened - one life lost is tragic, and 33 is horrific, and what, 700 odd injured... but it's still nothing like what they could have done to us!
They keep going on about how all the systems were put in place and emergency services did really well, but i suspect that's because it was a much smaller attack than had been anticipated. According to all I've seen and read about in the past, a few actual bombs in a few underground stations, trapping 1000s underground, killing 1000s or more, etc... they'd never cope with it. Or, one tiny dirty bomb set off anywhere in london could kill... well, most the population, depending on what way the wind's blowing at the time, etc. And those it doesn't kill it could make v ill for life.
I'm just surprised as i've not heard anyone make these sorts of comments - that in actual fact it was much less severe an attack than the experts had talked about... the underground will be up and running today/tomorrow... that's hardly v distruptive now, is it?!
some people have called this our 9/11... errr, again, much as i cry over those who've died (and i have) this can't really be compared to 9/11. In fact, possibly this will 'lift' fear of terrorists in the UK rather than fuel it. If we think we've had our 'dose' now and can move on, then again, i say we've got off v lightly.
I wonder if those who did this intended it to be a lot worse, or if they're intending to keep attacking london now and then, to keep terror alive and well.