Wednesday, August 17, 2005

More on Jean Charles de Menezes

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So, according to a leaked report, it turns out that de Menezes was not wearing a heavy coat, the person watching him was busy releving himself when de Menezes left the house, he did not vault over the ticket barrier, he collected a free newspaper, he was sitting in the carriage when the police burst in, and he was being held down when he was shot.
Again, one can understand the police panicking, but this is just breathtaking incompetence and it looks like there was an initial attempt of a cover-up!
It goes without saying that this is an utter disgrace and that this is a bad day for the Met, and bad for Britain's image abroad. What would help them now and aid us on the war on terror is a more open enquiry.


Auto Insurance said...
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Annie Porthouse said...

so horrific.
seeing that pic of him makes it even more awful.
what were the police thinking of?
if he's being held down he's hardly much of a threat, is he?
really hard to trust police/government/etc sometimes,
but then i'm a GenX-er, and my cynisism is inbuilt.

Paul Burgin said...

but then i'm a GenX-er, and my cynisism is inbuilt.
And that is something I find very worrying and partly why I went into politics