Shoestring Returns

Finished early from my course yesterday, and after doing some odds and ends returned home to find a slightly obscure old tv series on UKTV Drama.
It was the first episode of Shoestring, which was a detective series made by the same people as Bergerac. In fact it only lasted two series and finished in 1980, as the lead actor, Trevor Eve, feared he was in danger of being typecast (Incidentally according to the 'Internet Movie Database' the first episode was first broadcast on my fourth birthday. I really am a geek for looking up these things!). They could have done a James Bond or Doctor Who and simply replaced Eve with another actor, but instead the creators and producers of 'Shoestring' started a new series about a police detective in Jersey. The rest is history.
But Shoestring does have some charm of it's own, like Bergerac, and is about private eye and former computer programmer, Eddie Shoestring recovering from a mental illness, who is hired as a detective for the fictional 'Radio West' in Bristol (Rather similar to Bergerac rejoining the Bureau des Etrangers after a period of alcoholism).
It is a neat idea, but implausible, although I did entertain the idea of some of the places I have worked in the past having it's own P.I: A coffee shop in a shopping centre, an Oxfam Press Office, an MP's constituency office.
Now that is another idea, imagine the Houses of Parliament having it's own P.I. and seeing him/her involved in the incident Recess Monkey mentioned on his entry for the 28th July!
Or perhaps Kerron Cross would contact him/her about the mysterious case of the security flowers.


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