Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Should Blair stay or should Blair go...

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No, not as Prime Minister (He has already said he will stand down as Prime Minister before the next election), but whether he will remain as an MP!
Yesterday Downing Street denied reports that he would do so, but today his agent in his Sedgefield cosntituency, John Burton, has said that Blair has told him that he does plan to stand down, according to the BBC News Website
It's the first I have heard of a Prime Minister planning to stand down as MP while still on office, at least in recent times. Some like Thatcher, leave as soon as they can, others hang on a bit, as the info from the BBC Website mentions:

John Major - stayed in Commons four years after ousted as PM
Margaret Thatcher - one-and-half years on back benches after leaving No 10
Harold Wilson - seven years in Commons after resigning premiership
Ted Heath - retired as MP 26 years after resigning as Tory leader
Alec Douglas-Home - stayed in Commons for 10 years after end of premiership, some of them as foreign secretary

Ted Heath and Alec Douglas-Home showed that there was life in front-line politics after Downing Street. But I think it depends on temprament, and one wonders if Tony Blair would be happy with a continuous parliamentary career after life as Prime Minister!


Kerron said...

Frankly, I am more concerned that the BBC can't write an article without making basic grammatical errors.

1) "But Mr Blair is not reported to be seeking a frontline role outside British politics."

No, it should say: 'Mr Blair is reported not to be seeking a frontline role outside British politics'.

It would be a bit of a non comment if in fact it had been 'not reported'.

2) "Lord Soley said he would like to somebody of Mr Blair's stature pushing through essential reforms at the United Nations."

I think that should say: 'he would like to SEE somebody of Mr Blair's stature' [at the UN].

I don't know, what is the BBC coming too?

(Or perhaps I just need to get out more???)

the dĂșnadan said...

A CleverBod on Radio Five has just said that Mr Blair is 'no fan' of Parliament so would not want to stay on after quitting as PM. I don't see why he would want to, either. I see Tony Blair as an idealist. I think he would get bored and frustrated sitting on the backbenches.


Paul Burgin said...

You think that's bad Kerron, you should hear me complaining when reading the weekend broadsheets! Basic simple facts misreported.
It's bad enough during the week! In 'The Independent' yesterday they reported on a document written by 'Pope Paul XXIII' in 1962! Which was news to me because I thought there was a 'Pope John XXIII' in 1962, who was followed by Pope Paul VI!