Thursday, August 18, 2005

Some more photos

I did say recently that I would inflict, sorry, show you some more of my pictures ;)!
The cats seen here are Logan and Sophie, who are sitting on my bed. We have had them now for the last ten years. Logan (the dark cat) is quite a character, as he was born a feral cat and was rescued very early on after an attack on the litter he was in which left him the sole survivor. We have had him since the age of four weeks and he is the only cat I know that will talk to you, his common greeting being 'mao-mao-mao' in quickfire succession when he wants feeding.
We had Sophie a couple of weeks later, originally she came with one of her sisters, Dora, who was my cat, although Dora was run over four years ago. Sophie is quite shy although she is is very affectionate to those she trusts.


Kerron said...

Paul and his gratuitous pussy shots in his bedroom.

Please, no more.


Paul Burgin said...

Ah heck, I should have seen that a mile off!
(Hangs head in shame)