Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Tenth Planet!

(Courtesy of NASA)
So it's official! There are ten planets (as far as we know) in the Solar System
For those who are not into space exploration, this has been strongly suspected by astronomers, given the gravitational pull on Neptune. Pluto is too small to cause that!
The thing is though, what are they going to call it! 2003 UB313 is simply not a sexy name! Perhaps a departure from the names of Greek and Roman Gods! (Uranus's moons are named after Shakespeare characters, i.e. Oberon, Miranda etc..)
What about a name in honour of an individual such as Copernicus, Gallileo, Newton, or Einstein! Gagarin, after the first man in Space!
Will be interested to read any suggestions you have though ;)!


Kerron said...

Given the article above, perhaps we should call it Benedict.

Paul Burgin said...

Ha ha! Well Pope Benedict chose his name after the patron saint of Europe, so if you can have the name linked to a continent, why not a planet!