Wednesday, September 07, 2005

100 Blogs and Shoestring

(Courtesy of the BBC)

So, it has finally come to the 100th blog. Honestly! Two months doing this and it already feels like part of my day-to-day life!
So what will I write on! World peace! party-politics! Well, actually it is a little more sad than that, it seems that the current re-run on UK TV Drama, of one of my favourite detective series, Shoestring has come to an end!
Ah well, there were only twenty-one episodes made and if it hadn't have finished when it did, we may well have been denied the pleasures of watching Bergerac ;).
That said, Trevor Eve has gone on record as saying that he would be interested in reviving the character in a one-off two hour special. Just to see how he has developed in twenty-five years.
Would be worth seeing, although I can see similarities between Eddie Shoestring and Peter Boyd, the character Eve plays in Waking the Dead.


Kerron said...

I posted something on a friends rival site a few weeks back about Bergerac - so I'll repeat it here!

Please click below for a cheesy 80s synth pop version of the Bergerac theme available at this site:



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