Tuesday, September 20, 2005

20 nice things about the Lib Dems!

(Courtesy of Wikipedia.org)

I know, I know, some of you are confused, others are as shocked and appalled as if I had just walked into a room stark naked!
But some people here feel that I might be too politically tribal sometimes. That's fair, the thing is, being a member of a political party can sometimes mean that if you make a few cheap jokes at other political parties and their members, you get cheered on by your fellow peers and get attacked by the wider public!
And there are individuals who I admire in the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats, it's just not my fault if they are sometimes politically naive ;)!
So, in fairness of balance, and because they have a conference in Blackpool, I thought I would write a list of nice things about the Liberal Democrats:

1) Liberal is an honourable word, meaning freedom!

2) Democrat is also an honourable word, meaning support of a plural society (But Conservative, Labour, Green etc.. are also good words)

3) William Gladstone was a decent Prime Minister who saw the need for Home Rule for Ireland

4) In 1906 the Liberals helped Labour during the General Election campaign, thus giving the Labour Party 27 extra seats in the House of Commons. If only they would be so kind nowadays ;)!

5)The Liberal Government of 1905-1915 brought in great social reforms, Old age pesnions, reform of the House of Lords etc..

6) One of the Liberal Parliamentary candidates in the 1959 General Election, Sir Robin Day, was one of the greatest politcal interviewers of his time!

7)The Liberals represent nice places like Cornwall

8)Some of their party members wear nice sweaters and woolen jumpers

9)Hannah Hedges, the Liberal Democrat candidate for Hitchin and Harpenden in the 2005 General Election, was not only one of the youngest, but she was also one of the nicest and most attractive (note however I still would not have voted for her! Just tried to assertain if she had a boyfriend and worked at politically converting her ;))


11)They have had some interesting leaders. Charles Kennedy (guest panellist on 'Have I Got News For You'), Paddy Ashdown (Was in the SAS and knows of forty-two different ways to garrote someone), David Steel (Made a pop song about something to do with 'Proportional Representation'), Roy Jenkins (Had a side-job in writing political biographies, quaffing claret, and ill-advisedly used the word 'Rancour' in political argument. Not a good idea if you cannot pronounce your R's), Jeremy Thorpe (Yes, well, I suppose going on trial at the Old Bailey for incitement to murder is interesting). Not forgetting good old Jo Grimmond!

12)Am trying to think of some more, really!

13) I once bumped into a local Lib Dem Councillor whilst walking near my home village recently and we had a pleasant, if politically guarded, chat!

14)Oh come on Burgin, you must think of some more!

15)They have amusing celebrities which endorse them, such as John Cleese. That said, we in the Labour Party have Richard Wilson from 'One Foot In the Grave'

16)My sister likes them

17)Must think, erm..

18) They are good for unseating Tories where we have absolutely no chance of winning. This is esp good if the Tory MP is an unpleasant individual

19)I don't know

20) I think thats it!

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Kerron said...

What a load of gumph.

All I would say is, that if (the lovely) Hannah Hedges is thinking of crossing the floor politically - I'd like to point out that she is a fellow Watford fan and I sit only a few seats away from her at Vicarage Road (by chance, not by choice!).

And as I am newly single, she knows where I am if she wants to have a chat! ;-)