Friday, September 30, 2005

And there's still some nastiness in the Conservative Party!

A recent posting by a fellow Labour blogger:

So while I was at Labour party conference, talking about social justice and equality, it seems that Ann Winterton was doing her best to join the BNP:

Her latest remarks appeared in an article for the Congleton Guardian, in which she expressed sympathy for the families of the victims of the London bomb attacks in July.

In it, she wrote: “We live in times of tremendous change but the United Kingdom is still, thankfully, a predominantly white, Christian country.”

Thanks to TRP for blogging about it and showing that some members of the tory party have got values (still hope we beat you at each and every general election!).

Thanks to Jo Salmon there. Shows that the Conservatives are a long way from dealing with their millitant extremists!

Jo's blog can be found here:

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