Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Ashes, campaigning, and democracy dinners...

(BBC Online)

First of all, we won the ashes! Yes!!!!!!!!
Something to make us proud again in sport after 1-0 to Northern Ireland in football last week!
Yesterday was very busy though, so I didn't hear about the ashes till fairly late. The morning was spent at a Management Forum meeting at North Herts College, followed almost immediately by a visit to the Stevenage Labour Party offices where I volunteered my services for Thursday's council by-election campaign. My job was to deliver leaflets in every house in six streets. It took four hours, and it was fairly quiet. The most interesting moment was seeing a wet Liberal Democrat leaflet outside a house and picking it up. Only to find that the wet was not rainwater or anything like that!
Suffice to say I left the leaflet where it was and washed my hands as soon as I could!
Then it was a mad rush to London for the Democracy dinner event at Pizza Express in Victoria Street.

(Courtesy of Wikipedia.org)
There were about seven of us there, two guests and five regulars, and we were asked questions during our meal. It was almost like being a panelist on Question Time, only with pizza, wine, and the questions all being on what we thought of democracy and participation! It certainly made you think, and it did make one wonder whether politicans get a fair ride. I was struck by Jonathan Cox (who until this coming Friday is Alun Michael's Research Assistant) assertion that many politicans do a decent job, but, like in many workplaces, it is the few who are in it for selfish reasons who get noticed. My one concern, shared by others, is that the questions were a bit narrow.
All in all though, it was great fun and very helpful and informative.


Bloggers4Labour said...

Must say I'm intrigued by the wet Liberal Democrat leaflet, but perhaps I shouldn't enquire further...

Paul Burgin said...

Best not, really