Thursday, September 29, 2005

Being born on anniversaries..

(Photos BBC Online)

As some of you know, tomorrow will be my thirtieth birthday.
As some of you will also know, given some of the media coverage, tomorrow will also be the fiftieth anniversary of James Dean's death.
Whilst I appreciate this is a simple coincidence (I think my parents were hoping I would be born on my Dad's birthday, which is a few days from now), sharing your birthday with the anniversary of the death of an iconic figure is slightly irritating for some reason.
That said, I should count my blessings. As my brother pointed out, he was born on August 31st 1979, and it was his ill fortune that Princess Diana died on his eighteenth birthday.
And, no offence meant, but imagine people coming over to wish him happy birthday and all they talk about is this tragedy!


Anonymous said...

happy bithday!

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