Friday, September 16, 2005

Fuming over Fuel

(BBC Online)

So, with oil prices under threat because of Katrina and the shifting sands of the economy, there is concern that Gordon Brown might hike up the cost of fuel!
So what do some people do to show their support for Gordon as he weighs up his options in the light of unforseen circumstances that are none of his doing?
The fuel protestors decide on a blockade, which they did five years ago, to try and force the Governments hand in making sure that they do not increase fuel tax!
Not exactly helpful really, particually as we ought to try and all pull together! Especially has they have helped cause panic buying as well.
The leader of the Fuel Lobby, Mike Greene, says that they have had calls from the public, 99% of which have been supportive, but then there has been little sign of support on the roads and supermarkets like Asda and Tesco have cut their petrol prices.
The Fuel Protesters also have little support from the Enviroment lobbies!
Looks like they shot their bolt too soon and misplaced their fire.
The other problem is they are the sort of people who constantly call for low taxation without properly dealing with the reasons why taxes sometimes have to be raised, not realising that a consideration for raising taxes is just a consideration, and not properly asking why the money is needed and what alternative subsidies can be taxed?
They probably read the Daily Mail as well ;)!


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