Thursday, September 22, 2005

Photo album

Some of you have been e-mailing and phoning me to ask if this photo, found in the article here, is of me!
The simple answer is yes! I know I look almost unrecognisable there, the blond hair disappeared when I was about three and the birthmark on my left cheek is little more than a faint, flesh coloured, blemish. But it is me, and it provides a good excuse to make jokes about blondes ;)!
I ought to also swiftly point out that some of my best friends are blondes!
But anyway, I was hoping to write something before the weekend about the forthcoming Labour Party Conference, which I am unable to attend this year :(! So I thought I would show you some of, what were for me, last years highlights. Incidentally some of them look as if they were taken in ill-light rooms. Its really because they were taken with a not-very-good camera:

I hasten to add that the photo is misleading, I have never been a puppet and Neil Kinnock has never been a ventriloquist.

But that said, you do bump into some interesting people

Make senior politicans, such as John Prescott, look good and healthy in comparison

Try new and exciting experiences

Meet the old pro veterans, such as Tony Benn

Then there is the shock when you bump into your local Conservative Councillor. In this case Andrew Young. His business involves showing British democracy to Eastern Europeans and they liase with all the main parties, so maybe it wasn't a surprise. And yes, you are not the first to notice that he looks like John Major.

If you are a Parliamentary Candidate, or a delegate (which I was), then sometimes you have to queue up to have your photo taken with a senior politican, in this case, Gordon Brown, who incidentally is more friendly and approachable than his critics say he is.

But there is more to life than meeting famous politicans and having water-jet massages. This picture was taken at a prayer-breakfast (one of several), hosted by the Christian Socialist Movement.

Then there are the fringe meetings that really remind you of how fragile the real world is and what politics is really about. These photos were taken at a fringe meeting on Guantamino Bay. The chap with the white beard is the former envoy to the Archbishop of Canterbury and former Beirut hostage, Terry Waite. The others are, left to right, Oona King, Vanessa Redgrave, unknown, the sister of one of the Guantamano detainees, and the left-wing solicitor Gareth Pierce.I would not have gone if it wasn't for Oona King and Terry Waite, for suspicion of the event being hijacked by the hard-left. But that said, whilst we are up against a vicious and evil group such as Al Queida, we must always try to remain with the rule of law, decency, and the Geneva Convention. Something which is sadly questionable with the United States at present.

Then there were events such as this fringe meeting on AIDS in Africa. In the background you can see Hilary Benn and David Blunkett.

BTW I was not the only individual who was keen to queue up to have his photo taken with Gordon Brown. The chap with the white rucksack is Kerron Cross, who was the Parliamentary Candidate for South West Herts, works for Andy Reed MP, good friend, and whose blog has a link on Mars Hill!

Oh! And this is me at eleven years old. Thought you would prefer to see a younger, more recognisable version of myself!


Kerron said...

Remind me to copyright use of my image for future occasions. ;-)

PS Out of all those PPCs you can see queueing up in that picture, I bet you absolutely none of us got elected.

There are some things even Gordon can't do (and returning Labour MPs in SW Herts is probabaly one of them).

PPS Why is Tony Benn running away from you?

Paul Burgin said...

In answer to your points.
1) I will remind you in future, however my consience on this occasion was assuaged by your unmasking of Recess Monkey without his permission ;)

2)If, as I remember, it was for the Eastern region, then you are probably right

3)I have to reluctantly agree. Gordon is a great colossus of a politican and the best Chancellor of the Exchequer since the War, but he is only human!

4) No comment! lol. Although I hasten to add that I have never excahnged a harsh or cross word, on the odd occasion I have met him, I find I get on well enough with the GOM!

Kerron said...

Yes, I do try to keep my identity a secret by using my name in the blog title and including a picture of myself with it.

Please don't unmask my true identity. ;-)

Anonymous said...

hello folks its george here, i just want to thank tony for letting his house out to cliff richard this summer and for keeping them terroists away from my hoomeland

Anonymous said...

who is kerrons ex??