Thursday, September 15, 2005

Private Eye!


I suppose it had to come sooner or later, but I must confess I am an avid reader (and big fan) of Private Eye, and this fortnight's edition is particually amusing. That said, like many in politics who like the satirical magazine I have a rather hypocritical approach to it! I don't like any stories mocking Labour (Unless it involves someone from the ultra hard-left, or an individual who I take a dislike to!), whereas I lap up every nefarious item on the Tories and Lib Dems. I am also an avid reader of the 'Street of Shame' column, but skip the bits on newspapers I have no particular problem with and head straight for articles on the Daily Mail or Express! (BTW I expect avid WI readers of the 'Daily Mail' wouldn't like to know what swear-word Editor, Paul Dacre allegedly tends to throw at people as an insult!)
But that said, I do happen to agree with Boris Johnson that there is no political party that is the 'nasty party', all have nasty, as well as nice people within them (I just happen to believe the other main parties have naive policies and idelologies. Except for the Lib Dems who have erm, well.. do they have any?). Plus you cannot believe everything Private Eye says ;)! But that said it is a fantastic piece of cutting edge journalism. It touches stories no one else will for fear of litigation, and it called Robert Maxwell a crook and a thief and a plunderer of pensions when no one else dared do so!
So what do I like about this edition. Well the cartoon on page 3, the piece on Tim Allan on page 5, the bit on that Lib Dem councillor, Philip Waltham on page 11 (What did he think he was doing!) the photo of US ex-Presidents Bush Snr and Clinton on page 17, the spoof Daily Mail on pg 20, the Liam Fox (A Doctor Writes) on pg 21, the Princess Michael of Kent 'Diary' on pg 23 (To read it, click on Diary).
But priceless of all is the Kenneth Clarke cartoon on page 22. I won't mention it, suffice to say it involves super-heroes, British American Tobacco, Vietnamese children, as well as trying to persuade people to vote Conservative!
I like Kenneth Clarke, but put it this way. If he was in the Labour Party and was going to stand for the leadership after Tony Blair quit, I would hold his links with the tobacco lobby against him, whereas most Tories refused to vote for him in 2001 because of his European credentials.
Funny that!


Tom said...

If he was in the Labour Party and was standing for the Leadership after Tony Blair quit, I think I'd hold the fact that he served in Thatcher's and Major's cabinets against them rather more than his links with the tobacco industry.

Paul Burgin said...

I totally agree, the hypothesis was if his whole career was in the Labour Party, as opposed to the Conservatives

Anonymous said...

Indeed. Policy-wise, he's unlikely to be any different from Blair and Brown, but the choices he has made in his business career clearly compromise his independence.