Wednesday, September 28, 2005


A major, major, irritant with me!
I suppose in the world we live in it is to be expected, although I am not talking about the meat (I am incidentally one of those wierd people who loves spam food, unlike many others), I am talking about the electronic garbage variety.
It is bad enough having a spam filter on e-mail without all of this, but it never occured to me (although I am not surprised) to get a whole load on the comments pages on my blog!
Some are amusing, some are irritating, and some are downright insensitive. I got two after a very serious piece on my blog that left me wondering if any member of the armed services, or a war correspondent has a blog, with the typical entry being:

Last Tuesday we did another raid on the town of *****. To describe the horrors on paper or here, on this blog, would not adaquetly describe the horrors of that day. Two of my best friends were blown up, bodies of women and children littered the road, houses were burned. We were lucky to escape with our lives.
I am sorry, I cannot write any more at this time..

Followed by an entry on the comments page:

Hi there, I love your blog, maybe you want to have a look at mine, 'Scandanavian Log Fisheries', where you can buy haddock for just Three dollars a-piece! We are based in Caineriver County, Alabama

I do delete spam messages on my blog out of principle, and I know I am not the only one suffering, but to those who do spam, and are bothering to read this!
Give me a break. I am not interested, I check my blog on a very regular basis and I delete spam messages, so hardly anyone else will read them!



Kerron said...

You must admit some of it is bizarrely entertaining - like the spam above - how do people think it up.

It's like Mallet's Mallet for the 21st Century - just throw those words together as if they make sense.

Incidentally, the haddock at Scandanavian Log Fisheries is really good!


Anonymous said...
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Paul Burgin said...

I have moved the first comment so it isn't even registered, and I do concede Kerron, that some are entertaining, but they are irritating.
I know the haddock at Scandanavian Log Fisheries is very good, but not to be advertised on my blog ;)

Anonymous said...
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Kerron said...

Yes, let us not mention Scandanavian Log Fisheries again - although their haddock is very good - we should not give them any more free advertising.


Paul Burgin said...

I am sure that the Haddock does not preserve well though, and that there are far better companies around :)