Friday, September 30, 2005

Walter Wolfgang

(BBC Online)
I was disgusted with the way Walter Wolfgang was treated on Wednesday, and it was one of those few moments I was ashamed to be in the Labour Party!
I appreciate that we need tight security, that stewards have a difficult and thankless job, but to treat an eight-two year old like that was disgusting and despicable, and totally out of place in a civilized society.
I also appreciate this kind of slapdown started as a way to help make sure the hard-left didn't hijack Conferences, that everything had to be organised, but this has gone to the other extreme. Hugh Gaitskell managed to deal well with hecklers, so did Michael Foot, so did Dennis Healey, why can't today's politicans.
Those who advocate any form of bullying in defence of the Party leadership are shoring up trouble for themselves. In the long term they will, and know it, face the wrath of the Party. I appreciate many, including the Prime Minister, have apologised to Walter Wolfgang, but those directly responsible for yesterday's incident should be made to publicly apologise, which will be downgrading and horribly humiliating, but then they shouldn't have done it in the first place.
Not only that, but given yesterday's news coverage they have landed priceless propoganda onto the plate of the other main parties, plus the Tory Press. I sincerely hope that harsh and hard lessons are learnt from this which aren't casually forgotten.

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