Tuesday, October 25, 2005

The back-handed kindness of Kerron Cross

(The Voice of the Delectable Left)

Due to my interest in getting more involved with political work, I asked David Cameron, sorry, Kerron Cross (David Cameron's Labour Party "twin") some days ago if I could shadow him for the day, in the course of his work for Andy Reed MP, and Kerron kindly agreed.
And the rumours are true, Andy's team are a joy to work alongside. Andy's a nice guy, Kerron's a nice guy, even the American intern Travis is a nice guy.
However, this kindness has been brutally added by his latest nefarious blog posting.
I was merely pointing out that Baldock East was winnable and made a comment in jest, but of course that gets blown out of all proportion.
Perhaps David, sorry Kerron, should be a tabloid journalist ;).


Kerron said...

As with my personal life, all offers considered.

PS Can you pixilate my face next time?...Oh my mistake, you have.


Paul Burgin said...

Okay truce needed here! Besides you never know when I might come in useful! For example the classical and ST scenearios, comprhendi ;)!

Kerron said...


Mmm, happy to truce though.

You've scared me.