Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Christians in Parliament

(Christians in Parliament)

Today sees the launch of the new Christians in Parliament website.
Admittedly, not being an MP, or even a member of staff at the House of Commons, I am not involved. Although I have been to one of their Christmas events, and I have met the Chair, Alistair Burt MP, on a couple of occasions, and he is quite a nice, laid-back guy. Admittedly he was a minister during John Major's government, but then we all make mistakes!
I have also met the delightful-looking Hannah Hedges at the said-Christmas event, although my appreciation of her has been slated in some quarters. Even though I have insisted that I would try and convert her from the Lib Dems given the chance!
But in any case, 'Christians in Parliament' is a coalition of politicans and political staffers who have a sincere and deep faith, and who genuinely want to help make the World a better place (as cliched and irritating as it sounds). So I think it is worth a link on my blog.


Anonymous said...
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Kerron said...

Yeah, thanks for namechecking my blog for giving you that info. :-(

I can reassure you that Hannah wasn't at said event though. ;-)

Do you want a CIP mousemat to make you feel better? :-)