Friday, October 28, 2005

George Best

Was pleased to read that the former professional footballer, George Best, is showing signs of improvement.
They also hasten to point out that his current health problems are down to the side effects of the drugs used to prevent his body rejecting the kidney he was given in 2002, and not due to the resurgence of his alcoholic problems.
All in all I hope and pray he recovers. It would be sad and awful if he died and the press made statements like: George Best: Killed by alcoholism
He is also, sadly, an example of all which is bad about the culture of 'The Beautiful Game'. Wikipedia's entry on Best sums it up well in saying that:

Best is widely considered, at least in the U.K., to be one of the most skilful players ever to have played the game. Indeed Pele, widely considered the finest talent ever to play the game, once stated that George Best was the best player he ever saw play. His talent would almost certainly have been recognised more on the world stage had his national team not been a relative "minnow". Along with Paul Gascoigne and Lee Sharpe (also of Manchester United fame), Best is held up by UK football fans as an example of the dark side of the game, where a prodigous playing talent is squandered by managers and agents too quick to ignore players' personal problems.

What can be done to stop the culture of bad behaviour of football! Well I don't know, but I am sure that paying weekly payments of £30,000 to footballers don't help! Nor does failure to properly disipline them when they go out on the town in the week before a crucial match (I am thinking of events during the 1998 World Cup), etc.. etc..

We pillory people like Best, for their behaviour, but are we, in part, responsible for that behaviour in the first place?


Kerron said...

You wonder how people could get into such a state...

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