Kerron and his alleged twin-brother

Fellow blogger Kerron Cross, will doubtless accuse me of being rather cruel towards him today, but the simple fact of the matter is... Yeah I am. But the guy lays himself open to this sort of abuse!
Put basically, I was browsing through my friends' bloggers and I noticed that, not only did he mention the launch of 'Christians in Parliament'(and I have not forgotten his acerbic comments concerning the fact I happened to find a Liberal Democrat Parliamentary candidate fanciable), but he also made comments about his alleged resemblance to the lead singer of Kaiser Chiefs.
He is right in that there is no resemblance. However it has reminded me of a certain politican who is much in the news at present.

Now, tell me if you think I am wrong, but, if it wasn't for the fact that Cameron is nearly a decade older, they look like identical twins seperated at birth!


Kerron said…
You know what I said about plugging my blog a minute ago?

Forget it!


PS When was the last time identical twins were born 10 years apart?
Paul Burgin said…
Well science is capable of anything these days, and besides, I was saying that if one didn't know any better, you would have thought...
I think I had better stop digging!
Hope this doesn't preclude me from getting a mousemat!
Kerron said…
No, being a good Christian Socialist I forgive you.

And you can come in here whenever you like for a slap - sorry, I mean mousemat.

Anonymous said…
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