Friday, October 21, 2005

Kerron and his alleged twin-brother. Part 2!

Further to my last posting concerning David Cameron's eerie resemblance to Kerron Cross, the allegations have been picked up and put down as a 'Vicious rumour'.
It should be borne in mind, however, that what I actually said was "if it wasn't for the fact that Cameron is nearly a decade older, they look like identical twins seperated at birth!" That is not to say they are identical twins.
That said, my comments have also been picked up by the moderator of 'Bloggers4Labour' who has said: think you may have a point, if it weren't for the medical implications which we ought not to delve into. If you could persuade him to be photographed wearing your specs, we'd be hard pressed to tell the difference.

Perhaps Paul's photo is a bit out-of-date though, as DC is looking a bit puffy at the moment, and may be positively Churchillian in another decade

Admittedly the photo is a bit out-of-date, but that doesn't detract from the allegation as identical twins do tend to look noticeably different the older they get ;).

So I thought I would post some recent photographs of the 'twins', courtesy of Kerron's Website.

(Kerron Cross)

Now I think it really ought to be pointed out that

(David Cameron)

these photos are highly damaging to Cameron's chances of being elected Conservative leader . After all, a potential Tory leader supporting striking workers! That will go down well with some of the rank-and-file ;).


Kerron said...

Yeah, I can imagine David Cameron out on a T&G picket for fair wages.

As I pointed out on my site (but will repeat here for ease of reading), it's now David Cameron AND the lead singer from Kaiser Chiefs we need to get wearing specs now - to see if they look 'a bit' like me.

Special prize for anyone who manages it. I won't be holding my breath though.


Kerron said...

PS I may well have floppy hair and look a bit like an Eton Tory (even if I don't act like it or sound like it in the slightest)...

...but at least I can spell 'eerie'. :-P

Paul Burgin said...

I can spell 'eerie', I just had a momentary lapse of memory. Will alter accordingly.
As for acting like an Eton Tory, I vaguely recall some furore about indoor cricket. But you are right you don't sound like Cameron (Unusual for twins I think ;) !). But, seriously, I was watching the results of the second round last night and suddenly realised to my horror that he sounded like Mandelson

Kerron said...

If we are twins he was the one taken on by the rich family and I was the one brought up in hardship (in SW Herts!). He is an evil Tory. I am a cuddly socialist. He speaks like a toff. I speak like a hunky Watfordonian...

Actually this sounds like it's turning into a pitch for a very bad film!

Whilst we are mentioning office cricket - we invited a Tory to join in our game this week, and they spent the entire time criticising the game, the rules and the fact we didn't have a wicket keeper.


Anyway, they rung up their footman and the problem was solved. ;-)

Paul Burgin said...

Actually the bad film pitch has been done. Type in 'Brat Farrar' in the Imdb and you will find a tv series from 1986 where you had identical twins (one good and one bad). The bad younger twin murders the older good twin when they were thirteen, and is up for claiming the family inheritance when he is twenty-one. Only for an unknown illegitimate relative coming up to claim to be the dead older twin. As no body was found, everyone believes him.
As for the cricket, that's public school pompousness for you ;). It reminds me of the time I punted for the first time in Cambridge and was heckled by some horray harry's saying that I was punting like someone from Oxford (i.e. I was on the wrong end of the punt)

Kerron said...

Oh those witty Oxbridge sorts.

Actually even I used to heckle people punting/rowing in Cambridge when I was at uni there. At the poly. But that's cos it was all a bit too toff-ish. I think I've mentioned this before:

PS I'm guessing that it wouldn't be worth David Cameron (evil twin) killing me for my money - as I don't have any. But that probably wouldn't stop him.

If he was an evil twin that is. Which he isn't. Obviously.