Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Kerron's Assistant

(The Voice of the Delectable Left)

Further to my last posting, it was yesterday that I met Kerron's famous assistant, Travis Randall.
Travis has been the butt of a no of jokes by the said Kerron, regarding his supposed resemblance to Timothy Claypole from the almost-forgotten children's series Rentaghost
I could have a suitable response to that, but Kerron and I have agreed to a truce. Suffice to say that if he breaks that I have a rather unpleasant photo from the BBC Archives which I would then be prepared to unleash, showing the physiological differences between a particular pair of twins as they got older, and yes, one of them is wearing glasses. I should point out of legal reasons though, that neither Cameron or Kerron, sorry David Cameron and Kerron Cross, are in any way like the twins in the aforementioned photo.
Anyways, Travis seems to have settled in well and is already showing a keen interest in the other Westminster staffers, which is nice.
He also has an interesting blog which I said I would give a link on this blog and it looks promising. I just hope that Travis's time in Westminster will encourage his genuine idealism.


Kerron said...

Did you actually forget to put the link to Travis' blog in this post?

I see it's in the sidebar, but if anyone missed it, it's at:


Paul Burgin said...

Ah yes, my apologies