Wednesday, October 12, 2005

The 'Needs' Game

Fellow blogger, Jo Salmon has hit upon a game devised by her partner Antonia. Put basically, you google search your first name with the word 'needs' after it. So you get things like 'Jo needs to make decisions quickly'..
Typical of me though, it came up with the following headlines, after I typed in 'Paul needs':

Paul Needs - Welsh Musician and Songwriter

Paul Needs Biography

Welsh Musician and Writer.
Paul Needs - Musician and Songwriter

Paul Needs - Free Music Downloads

BBC - South West Wales Music - Paul Needs
A profile of 70's rocker, Paul Needs from South Wales. Paul Needs Specs:


Music Places Internet Radio - Paul Needs

ROCKBAND.COM :: Paul Needs

Well I will await the arival of my Mp3 player (a forthcoming late birthday present, before I need downloads). It is true that I enjoy reading, or heavily browsing, through biographies, and I do wear specs.. But typical! Most of all the search confuses me with a Welsh rocker. If my friend Tammy (who was very Southern Welsh) were alive today, she would have found this most amusing.
Anyway, above is a photo of the great man himself.

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