Employment Tribunals and Iraq

So the US ABC News Correspondent who was sacked for refusing to go to Iraq has won his court case for unfair dismissal.
I can see why he refused to go, given the situation there, but I thought the point of War Correspondents was that they risked their lives to report an armed conflict.
Although, lets face it, the situation in Iraq is extremely dangerous. The whole thing almost reminds me of that episode of Blackadder the Third, where Blackadder tells the Prince Regent that he will go to France to rescue an aristocrat.
No sooner do they enter the Palace kitchens however than Blackadder tells his manservant Baldrick to put the kettle on:

'But I thought we were going to France?'

'Going to France! Of course not. It's highly dangerous there, teeming with revolutionaries, we will almost certainly end up killed if we went!'

But I am being sympathetic, not overtly critical. Iraq is hardly my No 1 country of choice to visit right now. Although that said, it's citizens have to live there, and yesterday they bravely went out in large numbers (In threat of being attacked) to vote in the latest elections.
An example to our more apathetic society perhaps!


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