In Musical Praise of: Delirious?

I suppose it was only a matter of time before I mentioned a 'Christian' band, although I feel I have done that already with U2!
Although, like any other decent 'Christian' band, there is more to Delirious than being pigeon-holed into a sterotypically specific label. None of the band members are called Matthew or Philip (sorry Matt and Phil, you were great mates at Uni but the names do conform to sterotype ;) ), and they don't go on stage in hippy wear and play acoustic guitars at Greenbelt. Mind you, few Christian bands and singers do!
I first came across 'Delirious' when I was at Uni and they had released a single called 'White Ribbon Day'. Everyone at the Christian Union Society was encouraging each other, and everyone else, to buy the single so that it would reach the Top 40 (It reached No.41 in the charts). Later on (at 'Greenbelt', amazingly enough), I brought the album.
So did I end up buying their stuff so that, in my youthful naiveity, they would dominate the charts just because of their faith. Well actually no, it was because their music was quite good. The album I have King of Fools, was usually played in the background in the main room of the Chaplaincy Centre (which some of us at the CU treated as a continuation of the Sixth Form Common Room) sio there was a sense of nostalga, but also some of the songs just managed to hit me at the right places. 'Sanctify' on the need to consistently pick myself up whenever I fell, ;King or Cripple', on how important it is to be vulnerable in order to reach out to the vulnerable, and 'Promise' because. Well, it had a cool intro!
And all along while writing this, I have been listening to Stevie Wonder (I got his 'Definitive Collection' today as a present to myself), so maybe I haven't explained how I regard 'Delirious' adequately, but I think I have explained enough ;)!


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