Saturday, December 31, 2005

Mars Hill blog entries of 2005!

In two catergories. My favourite and everyone else's favourite.
This is difficult because looking at how popular some entries are, there seems to be a consistent tie, and you can't judge on the amount of comments left because most of those consist of Kerron teasing me about the stupid moment that I mentioned an attraction I had towards Hannah Hedges. But C'est la vie.
That said, these blog entries seemed to attract some attention:

In Musical Praise of: Bob Dylan

First Photograph

And below are my four personal favourites of 2005:

Luton bomb

The Year London Blew Up!

Political philosophies and leadership races!

and something light hearted:


A Happy New Year to You All :)


Kerron said...

Hannah Hedges - sigh - give it up!


Paul Burgin said...

I have, but then I never took it seriously ;)