Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Things to do with Advent/Christmas Pt 19: Christmas Day and Boxing Day

Well another Christmas holiday, and another year! And to think this is just my thirty-first Christmas, sheesh! ;)
Well it's been a bit quiet, there has been fun, plus the odd stress and irritation, like everyone else, but it's been good!
In the photo you can see some of my presents. The Little Britain book is from my sister (I returned the favour, inadvertantley, by buying her a talking Vicki Pollard doll), I also got from her, a Bob Dylan album. The jumper is from Mum and Dad, the Kings and Queens book from my cousins, Alison and David, and the Blogging book by my brother and his girlfriend. The other present I got from them was on how to win arguments, even when the evidence is stacked against me, which I am sure might come in useful ;)!
The morning service was a minor chore in that I did one of the readings. Now, normally I am one of those remarkable people that only suffers stage fright on few occasions, but four verses into reading half of Chapter 2 of St Luke's Gospel and I hear a two year old in the congregation say:- 'Don't like it!' and it reminded me so much of Andy in 'Little Britain' that I just about managed not to smile, let alone struggle not to burst out laughing.
Then there the Queen's Speech (and, whilst I am no royalist, I am a fan of the Queen, and I did think her comments about uncertainty and faith hit the nail on the head, as it were), followed by a late Christmas lunch, followed by some tv and a game of Monopoly.
I tried to play this with a difference this year, following the Jonathan Bartley rule of playing to help others and not to win! (i.e. bailing out others when they are losing, giving away properties, when you can help others etc...)Just to try to play with a difference and buck the system. Suffice to say I failed, my brother is ruthless at Monopoly and we finished just as I had to start seriously morgaging my properties. Thanks Jonathan!
And today? Well I am now using the computer that my brother fixed yesterday (we have two computers and one was infected by a nasty virus last month), and I have had a fairly quiet day, spent in part starting to read my books. Incidentally on the blogging book, Normblog and Pootergeek were mentioned, but what about Bloggers4Labour, or Jo Salmon, Annie Porthouse, or Kerron Cross?
In fact, what about me? Ah well, I guess I am not so entertaining, and my entries are not exactly Pulitzer Prize material, suffice to say that I hope that next year there will be a book released that mentions the blogs I have briefly mentioned myself.
And Christmas itself! Well it has been a moment for reflection. It's fully hit home, or maybe not far enough, just how out of touch with the Spirit of Christmas we are as a society. We get wound up about the turkey cooking in the oven, the lack of decent presents, the smug round-robin letters, family members disliking each other, petty rows, etc.. and buy, buy, buy as many material goods as possiblethat we forget what Christmas is actually about. Aside from the 'Peace on Earth and Goodwill to all Men', it is about being there for those less fortunate than ourselves (as we should for the other 364 days of the year). There is something sick about the fact that we get so materialistic that we forget that we are meant to remember an individual who was born in a stable, whose parents couldn't find room at any inn in town, who was first visited by shepherds, whose parents nearly got divorced, and where the Saviour nearly got killed by King Herod in a plot that kind of outdoes your average Christmas episode of EastEnders. A long, long way from the stresses and strains of modern day Christmas.
As John Lennon once said 'And so this is Christmas and what have you done?'


Kerron said...

My blog is always overlooked - just like the British players who are put forward for footballer of the year, the UK's Eurovision entry and all our Olympic bids...

...actually, hang on!


Kerron said...

PS Only saddos post about what they got for Christmas. :-)


Paul Burgin said...

Sad, but true :-), but hey, who knows, maybe we have fans out there who are keen to know these things ;)!

Kerron said...

Yes, if you are stalking me, you know what not to get me next year!