Friday, December 30, 2005

Things to do with Advent/Christmas Pt 24: The End of the Christmas Season

It's true that Christmas officially finishes on Jan 6th, otherwise known as Twelfth Night, but let's face it! How many people in North America and Western Europe still sing carols, hold Christmas parties and give and receive presents on that date!
So yes, the tinsle is looking a bit jaded, the cards are being counted up and put away, and the Christmas CD's no longer playing (In spite of the recent bad weather), and given the forthcoming New Year's Festivities, I thought now is the right time to call an end to the Things to do with Advent/Christmas articles.
But not before sharing with you a picture that fellow blogger, Jo Salmon, had on her blog during the festivities, and which she has kindly given me permission to use.
True it's a bit warped, but that's my sense of humour for you ;).


Jo said...

So, what do you think I can do to the Easter Bunny?! :)

Paul Burgin said...

I dread to think
Although the letters RSPCA swiftly spring to mind ;)