Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Another Day Out in London


Yesterday was a bit eventful for me, hence only one posting. There was the 3:45AM wake-up alarm for my early morning shift at Tesco's (5-8AM), before getting home, having a nap, getting washed and changed, a spot of ironing, checking e-mails etc.. lunch, getting my glasses fixed at the opticians (a screw came out, so it was dealt with there within minutes), before heading down to London.
Yesterday I commuted for two reasons. The first was because it was the last chance to see an old Uni friend of mine, Beccie, before she leaves the UK on Saturday for a two year job in Eritrea. It was somewhat emotional and, as Beccie said herself, saying goodbye to friends over the past week almost feels like watching her own funeral. That said, it was good to get a last chance to see her for what will be a very long time.
I then felt annoyed with myself for failing to take my digital camera along, as Beccie decided she wanted to take some snaps of me with her camera.
After that, it was the monthly CSM Youth meeting at Portcullis House, where we were given a talk about the Church and the Media by Dave Landrum, he who works with Kerron and has suffered mercilessly at his hands.
In any case, the talk was interesting, Richard Dawkins was mentioned a few times, but the most bizarre part of the evening was when Dave decided, as an exercise, to prove a point about the Church and the Media having a consistent sharp relationship by getting two of us to read out a Newsnight skit, where one of us was Jeremy Paxman and the other was Jesus Christ. Suffice to say, the saintly Helen Dennis (one of the CSM regulars and the YMCA's Parliamentary Officer) played Christ and I was the redoubtable Paxman.
Somehow, verbally admonishing a twentysomething blonde and saying things like 'Your campaign is not a success, even Judas Iscariot, one of your key supporters, says you are not being hardline enough..', and interrupting her when she gave replies like 'Let he who is without sin...' is not something I envisaged doing at the start of the day!
Then it was a trip to St Stephen's Tavern next door and a general chat, before I had to leave early.
Well I had to be up at 3:45AM the next day.


Kerron said...

Sorry, I missed it. Had a play rehearsal.

So Helen is 'saintly' is she.

I'll be sure to tell her that! :-)

Paul Burgin said...

lol, I was refering to her playing Christ

Kerron said...

I bet you were, Paul. I bet you were. ;-)

Paul Burgin said...

I was, honest! ;)