Saturday, January 28, 2006


Following Kerron's recent blogging about beards, and given my rumaging through old photos yesterday, I thought I would inflict, sorry, show you the one photo of me with a bona-fide beard.
As you can see from the side photo on my blog, I do suffer from mild stubble at times, given the fact that I am one of these people who need close shaves. That said I never really had the courage to grow one for some years.
Then, some sixteen months ago, my then-girlfriend and I split up and a few weeks later it occured to me to grow one and I thought, 'Why not!'
My job was fairly secure, I was till getting over my ex, so I figured that there was no point in being worried about what any girl might think, and besides, given the split I felt I could do with a change.
Yes folks, when some people start to recover from the end of a romantic relationship, they buy a load of DIY stuff, or go on mammoth shopping sprees, or change their hairstyle (There was a girl I fancied for a while in my early twenties, she wasn't local and so whenever I saw her with a new hairstyle I was fairly happy because I sussed out that it happened whenever a relationship she was in was over!).
Me, I just grew a beard!
Well it helps to be original, although I quickly found that I didn't belong to the David Bellamy school of beards. The sides were messy, so they got shaved off within a fortnight and then a month after I started (around about the time this photo was taken), I got made redundant, due to a company takeover and what's more I had my first date coming up since my split with said ex-girlfriend.
So the beard just had to come off, there were employees and girls to impress (I know, I know, some girls like facial hair and some employees don't really mind, but I wasn't taking any chances). Suffice to say it was a while before I got another job and hardly anything came of the date!
Maybe I should have kept it, and it was fun while it lasted.


Kerron said...

Well for what it's worth, I think it suits you.

Very pool shark/geography teacher!


Paul Burgin said...

lol! I was thinking more of The Master in Doctor Who!