Monday, January 30, 2006

Cameron Blues

(BBC Online)

Whilst some are jittery, or delirious with the prospect of holding the levers of power (depending on your political viewpoint). It looks like Labour are holding firm whilst the other main parties are either suffering from continuous ambushes (The Liberal Democrats), or appraoching civil war (The Conservatives).
I wish I could say that I am above such petty feelings and don't enjoy a sense of schadenfreude every time the Tories have a scrap, but that would be lying! True I ought to take a bit more of a mature attitude, but for the one or two good policies they had, the Tories did a lot of damage to the country in their eighteen years in power and they can have a very persuasive voice with the minimum of effort sometimes!
So, what is the latest scrap about. Well today the hard right of the Party (which have many grassroots supporters, who care about little but their own) have launched a twin attack on David Cameron. In the Independent, that redoubtable columnist, Bruce Anderson, has mixed feelings about Cameron's change of direction, whilst Lord Tebbit (hat tip to Kerron btw)has compared David Cameron to Pol Pot! One of the most genocidal and evil dictators of all-time.
Now in one respect I have some admiration for Lord Tebbit in the way he and has wife have coped with the trauma they suffered during the Brighton Bomb, but like the fact that I have a lot of admiration for the way right-wing activist and Guinness Book of Records Editor, Norris McWhirter, coped with the IRA murder of his twin brother, Ross, the admiration just about ends there (although I am a fan of the Guinness Book). I find Tebbit's brand of politics, unworkable, uninspiring, unhelpful, out-of-touch, except with the unreconstructed politics of 'Essex Man'. There is usually a flavour of the sardonic with Tebbit, who always speaks points of view that seem to be one sentence from the sort of view that causes embarrased and angry silences at dinner parties. So on reflection, I am sure his comments on Pol Pot were deliberatley calculated to offend.
Whether Cameron will respond,and whether it will reasonate with a lot of the 'Maggie and Judy' brigade amongst the Tory grassroots remains to be seen, suffice to say that it looks like a nasty scrap is looming on the horizon.


Kerron said...

"whilst Lord Tebbit (hat tip to Kerron btw)has compared David Cameron to Pol Pot! One of the most genocidal and evil dictators of all-time."

Can I just clarify that you are calling Pol Pot a "genocidal and evil dictator", and not myself...or Norman Tebbit come to that! ;-)

Paul Burgin said...

Yes you can! I meant Pol Pot as you well know!
Just trying to imagine how a Norman Tebbit dictatorship would work, or even a Kerron Cross dictatorship for that matter! ;)

Kerron said...

Beards for everyone. :-)

And a Public Holiday in honour of Crowded House. :-)

Paul Burgin said...

Because everywhere you go, you always take the weather with you! ;)

C4' said...

Although I have a few doubts about David Cameron myself, any respect I had for Lord Tebbit has gone. Lord Tebbit himself has more in common with Pol Pot than Cameron does.

Paul Burgin said...

Well I did wonder whether he lost the plot! As I said, aside from the courage and dignity he has showed with regard to the Brighton Bomb and the way he has looked after his wife, I have hardly any time for him