Cameron the troublemaker!

Well that period of political consensous from the Tories didn't last long did it!
After announcing that 2006 will be a year of change for the Conservative Party, David Cameron lauches into an hysterical attack on Gordon Brown.
Calling him 'extreme' and 'awful', adding, "Gordon Brown is the old-style thump-thump-thump and I think that's exactly what turns people off.

"I find [him] awful because it's just like listening to a speak-your-weight machine on propaganda.

"This is going to be the choice people are going to make between a rather old-style 1980s approach to politics...and a new approach I have,"

So it's not as if Cameron has just done a spot of tub-thumping himself is it!
The Tories hate and fear Gordon Brown because, as Chancellor, he has presided over the longest period of economic growth since the War and if, and when, he succeeds Tony Blair, a no of disgruntled voters may well return to the fold and the next general election will see some Labour gains in Hertfordshire, London, and the Midlands. Seats like Putney, Peterborough, and Hemel Hempstead (and a Labour gain there will be a particular delight for me, because it will be justice after the negative and personal way Mike Penning ran his campaign earlier this year) could well return to Labour. That is partly why the Tories run scare stories about the state of the economy and run personal attacks on the Mighty Gordon.
However, Harriet Harman put it well when she stated:

"David Cameron's new style of politics seems to have lasted less than a month.

"He has woken the Tories from their slumber only to walk them up a blind alley of shallow personal abuse."

Which is what the Tories always do when they feel threatened, and before I am accused of being hypocritical by getting personal, may I gently point out that I am attacking a political party, not any individuals as such. I have some respect for Cameron, as an opponent, and it's just sad that he feels he has to go for the lowest common denominator in attacking the government.


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