Wednesday, January 25, 2006

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Twenty-fifth anniversary of the SDP's foundation.I have mentioned my views on this before, but, suffice to say if they had had the guts to stay behind and help begin the fightback against the hard-left. Then Labour could well and truly have got into power sooner!
I had a brief chat with a prominent Lib Dem in my area this afternoon. You know how it is at the moment, I began the conversation with 'Who do you think you will be voting for in the leadership?' etc.. and that led to a conversation about the SDP. To my surprise he agreed with me about Labour losing it's chance to get into power sooner, due to the SDP's creation! These Lib Dems eh!
The other news it that the Daily Telegraph's appeal against Galloway's libel has failed!
That said, the House of Commons standards watchdog, Sir Philip Mawer, has started an investigation into complaints about Galloway's conduct. The Serious Fraud Office has also started an investigation into the results of a UN backed-investigation concerning alleged kickbacks from Saddam Hussein.
Oh, and The Sun have published this charming photograph of Galloway with Uday Hussein. That lovely guy who murdered a valet in front of President Mubarak of Egypt, got expelled from Switzerland (From Switzerland!?!) for threatening to stab someone in a resturant, and who would gatecrash parties, looking for women to rape, amongst a load of other vile and disgusting crimes.

Aside from the sense of chickens coming home to roost, I have to say that Galloway is that rare breed of politician. Some politicians I like personally and dislike politically, others I like politically and dislike personally, and then there are those I like personally and politically. It is not often that I take a personal and political dislike to someone and Galloway is one of them.
As I was finishing my early shift at work this morning, I took my break and caught GMTV in the staff cafeteria. Now I am not a GMTV fan, as you may of guessed, BBC Breakfast is more of my bag, but this was interesting, they were interviewing Jodie Marsh and showing clips from Celebrity Big Brother (which, to be honest, is not my bag either).
But what I saw shocked me. Galloway tearing into Marsh in a verbally vile manner with a goulish looking Pete Burns (who sounds, from the various stuff I have read, like he needs help, and is also in trouble over his monkey fur coat), grinning inanely beside him. Then there was his verbal assault on Michael Barrymore, which was enough to make me feel very sorry for the guy, whilst Galloway sat back with a self satisfied look, puffing away on his cigar.
As someone pointed out. The older men on the programme ganged up on Marsh, now she isn't there, Galloway is ganging up on his one-time ally, Barrymore. The guy clearly only feels happy and confident when he feels he is calling the shots and is attacking and demonising someone.
Sad in a pathetic kind of way really, and he is in for a nasty and unpleasant shock when he gets out, when he finds that he is loathed by more people in his constituency, loathed by more people in the Media, loathed by more of his fellow MP's (I really wouldn't want to return to Westminster, not that he often attends, if I were in his place), and loathed by some of his old millitant socialist cronies.
How lonely! And to think part of the denonuement was reached, not in Parliament, not in Capitol Hill, not at Old Queen Street when he was expelled from the Labour Party, but in a postmodern popular TV show that thrives on conflict and chav headlines.
I hope, but wonder if he ever will realise, that one day he will realise just how low he has sunk!

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Mike said...

Chantelle,a nobody, winning celebrity big brother goes to show how hyped up the show really is.
Therfore Galloways antics on CBB,should be taken with a pinch of salt.
In other words the participants of celebrity big brother have little or no influence in the outside world.