Nasty Britons Part II

Further to my last posting on this subject, the list of Top Ten Nasty Britons has been put into preferential order by the readers of BBC History Magazine.
Whilst I agree with Jack the Ripper being at No 1, I am a bit miffed by some of the chronological order. For example Thomas Beckett is at No 2 and Sir Oswald Mosley is at No 10, which seems a bit, well...
Put it this way, Thomas Beckett is someone I am none too impressed with, but he stood up to the state's attempts to control the Church in England and paid for his stance with his life! He can't exactly be compared to a man who lived some 700 + years later, who quit the Labour Party when things didn't go his way, formed a Fascist party, got chummy with Hitler, was involved in violence and intimidated an East End Jewish community, committed moral treason, was imprisoned during the War for being too friendly with the enemy, appealed to racist paranoia on immigration, amongst a large no of other disgraceful actions.
And to think he was at the bottom of the list, what kind of people read BBC History magazine?


C4' said…
I think that Tony Blair is the worst Briton of all time with that insincere grin and autocratic, fascist style of government.
Paul Burgin said…
I know that Blair is hated by Tories as much as Thatcher was by many in the Labour Party, but Blair! Worse than Mosley?

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