Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Today in 'The Guardian'

If you have dark sense of humour, like me, then you might appreciate the bit about the Whale in the G2 section. That said, I doubt I was the only person who got fed up with the news-a-minute reports on it's progress during Saturday, only to moan out loud 'Oh no!' when the news flashed that she had died.
Then there is the wonderful article on page 12 in the main section. Well wonderful in so far that the Daily Mail have been caught out again. They apparently accepted hoax letters, some twenty-five years ago, as genuine, concerning the then-Labour government and Leyland!
Not as embarrasing for them as the praise they gave on Kitchener's death, their publishing of the 'Zinoviev letter' or their support for Moseley's Blackshirts (how many other national newspapers behaved in so despicable a fashion during the 1930s!), but interesting nontheless!


Career Break Guru said...

Maybe you'll like this then. :)

Paul Burgin said...

It's certainly amusing and interesting