Friday, January 27, 2006

The Very First Photograph I Took

August 1985, and the Burgin family were on holiday in Austria, staying in Innsbruck. During our time there we visited various places, including Berchtesgaden, which is a place I found to be rather cold and sinister (understandably), as well as Saltzburg, birthplace of Mozart.
There were Mozart memoribilia everywhere, even 'Mozart' commercial products! For some reason I remember seeing cheeze on sale with Mozart's likeness stamped on it, which seems more tasteful than the news I heard this morning that there currently are bras on sale there that play Eine kleine Nachtmusik when taken off!
Of course it's the genius's 250th birthday today, hence this blog entry and all the stuff about him in the media at the moment. So it seemed apt to show you the very first photograph I took (Okay, my Dad was giving me careful instructions on what to do beforehand, so some of the credit must go to him), which was during that day in Saltzburg. It's of Mozart's statue in a square dedicated to him. I remember seeing people play with a lifesize chess set in a corner of the Square. The first time I saw such a thing!
Oh, and I thought I would be somewhat gratuitous as well. Given the fact that I got a lot of 'Ooh's' and 'ah's' from people via e-mail and to my face, when I published a baby photo of me :)! I thought you might like it if I showed you the very first photo taken of myself.

It was October 1975, when I was just a few weeks old. It was when Harold Wilson was Prime Minister, the IRA's Balcombe Street Gang were still running amok, General Franco was dying, Saturday Night Live had just started (I'm a fan of the show and it's a matter of pride for me that it's just eleven days younger than myself. So you could argue that we started out round about the same time :)), there were just three television channels in the UK (and they began broadcasting at 9AM, except for BBC Two which occasionally showed Open University stuff), Gerald Ford was the US President, Jaws had very recently been running in the cinemas, a computer game called PONG was highly popular (Few had come across a computer game before and you had to hook it up to a TV set), and Queen were about to release Bohemian Rhapsody!
I feel a bit old :(


Jo said...

The first photograph I ever took was of a watermill or a windwill or something from a riverboat somewhere in South America. No idea where the photo is now, but I do remember that is was wonky and out of focus. Bless!

Paul Burgin said...

Well there are a lot of photos taken with my first camera (which I got for Christmas when I was twelve), which have red marks in the bottom right-hand corner, where a finger was slightly over the lens.