Thursday, March 16, 2006

Cameron's 100 Days and today's news

Amongst all the plaudits heaped on him, there are telling pieces from The Daily Telegraph, the Tory newspaper for grown up's, and indeed The Guardian.
George Jones writes in The Daily Telegraph:

"Rarely a week goes by without Mr Cameron ditching a piece of traditional Tory policy or shamelessly pinching an idea from New Labour,"

Whilst Max Hastings (hardly someone on the left) writes in The Guardian:

"Plenty of party activists and MPs harbour private misgivings. They were appalled when Cameron publicly renounced school selection, appeared to rule out radical reform of the NHS and downgraded tax cutting as a priority.
"Nor do they much care for the idea that the party's Central Office will impose candidate quotas of women and gays. Eyebrows were raised about the appointment of Zac Goldsmith as a party environment guru."

So my predictions are right. The Maggie and Judy brigade are preparing for a scrap which they find incresingly difficult to suppress.
But that said, his twin is moving into acting at the moment with a star performance as St.Peter ;).

(The Voice of the Delectable Left)

As you can see, he has grown a beard to escape detection but I think we can see a similarity nonetheless ;)

(BBC Online)

In The financial pages of today's Guardian, it mentions that the Mail Group of Newspapers are in trouble, their circulation revenues have fallen by 9% in January and February. Of course if they became less personal, realised that the world has moved on and moved beyond their adolescent rantings, then perhaps they will find themselves in less financial difficulty. That said, I am pleased that some of my cynicism towards humanity is being eroded by this news.


Kerron said...

You just wait for the moment Cameron grows a beard and starts rolling out his union credentials. ;-)

Paul Burgin said...

I just want a picture of the Maggie and Judy blue rinse brigade when he mentions the word Comrades ;)