Friday, March 31, 2006

Good News and Bad News

(BBC Online)

Bad news. Wembley Stadium's re-opening is postponed until 2007.
Good news. Bon Jovi and Take That will not be performing there this year.
Okay, that's a bit harsh, but my dislike of boybands is that they are manufactured and don't last very long, their audiences are usually comprised of kids and young teenagers, and not many of these bands play a musical instrument and a lot of them don't write their own songs. Take That have admittedly broken some of those rules, but they also treated Robbie Williams like a sack of "ahem!" at one stage, not least this chap! Who I once remember trying to be clever and making some nasty and potentially libellious comments about someone on Parkinson without naming that someone.
Bon Jovi! Too cliched, although I am sure they are nice guys.
But that said, the sooner we have Wembley Stadium, home of our favourite matches and rock band performances etc.., the better.


the dĂșnadan said...

I have nothing to say about Take That, but as a fan of Bon Jovi, I must jump to their defence! On the one hand, I would agree that Bon Jovi are a bit of cliche - all American rock and roll and all that. However, if you scratch below the surface, you do find a more meaningful band. For example, Keep the Faith. This album contained spoke to more than just girls, drink and rock and roll. There was spiritual struggle (Save a Prayer), desolate lives (Dry Country), even a paen to motherhood (If I was Your Mother)! The next album 'These Days' looked at the spiritual struggle from the atheistic point of view with the hauntingly beautiful song 'Something to Believe In'. Apropros of this is Jon Bon Jovi' solo effort 'Destination Anywhere' which is also well worth a listen. I would admit that since the above albums were released in the 90s, Bon Jovi have chosen the safer, more commercial rock path, but I think it is a little unfair to write them off completely.

Paul Burgin said...

Fair enough!
At least you haven't leapt to Take That's defence ;)