Friday, March 17, 2006

In Thespian Praise of: Kerron Cross

(The Voice of the Delectable Left)
Seemed apt, seeing as another 'In Thespian Praise of..' article was due and Kerron is currently appearing as St Peter in the Soul Survivor church production of What Peter Wanted.
I haven't seen it, nor will I be able to, suffice to say that I am sure his acting skills are as top notch as his abilities as a Parliamentary Researcher and Lib Dem baiter ;). He also has a no of aqauinances in the profession, so who knows, he may end up taking up the greasepaint and ending up with his own TV Cop show, perhaps something snazzy like Crossfire. You can see it now, a scene where he is complaining to his boss about having been beaten up by a marauding gang of Lib Dems in some farm near St Albans and his Super says; "Leave it Cross, you are obsessed with them, we have no evidence!", and then a dusty and battered sandal is tossed onto the Super's desk.
"Check that with forensics"

Anyway Kerron, I trust it is all going well and you will wow the audiences :-).


Kerron said...

Was just about to write something on this, so thanks for the plug!

Think it may be a bit strong to describe Alan Davies as an "aqauinance" (whatever that is!) - but I did have a good chat with him once. Really nice guy.

I'm just following in the good old tradition of Labour luvvies everywhere! But happy for further offers of work...who knows when that Equity card could come in handy! :-)

Paul Burgin said...

Exactly. Timothy West and Richard Wilson eat your heart out! :-)