Friday, March 24, 2006

Top Ten Political Dinner Guests, Past and Present

I don't know about you, but I sometimes find myself watching Portillo's Dinners on BBC 4, where he has guests from various political parties, coupled with people in the media etc.. and they discuss various important topics.
That said, I am not a fan as such in that I don't set out to watch the programme but if I am flicking channels and it is on, well...
Anyway I was reminded of this when I was debating Gordon Brown's brilliant budget with various people on Kerron's blog and the idea came to me that, if I had a choice, which ten political leaders from the three main parties since 1945, living or dead, would I invite to dinner.
Then the thought came to me that I would be intrigued what others' choices would be, so I will throw down the gauntlet for others. Bear in mind you have the choice of five or ten, but it has to be either of those, and you have to mention why.
In any case here is my list:

Clement Attlee (No nonsense chap, helped bring in a raft of reforms, Welfare State and NHS)

Harold Wilson (Friendly, into football and HP Sauce, and helped found the OU and ratified EEC entry with a referendum)

Neil Kinnock (Have actually met him, fiarly amiable, animated, and helped make Labour electable again)

John Smith (Fairly amiable, but relished a good argument, and, again, helped a great deal to make Labour re-electable)*

*Would have inc Gaitskell or Callaghan, but I told myself to keep to a set no

Sir Winston Churchill (Do I need a reason)

Harold Macmillan (Great raconteur, but also a very left-wing Conservative)

Sir Edward Heath (Underneath all that sulking, a fairly decent guy)

William Hague (Looks like a good chap to have a debate with) *

*I would include John Major and Sir Alec Douglas Home, but ditto above

Liberal Democrats
Jo Grimmond (I would want to ask him how the Liberals managed to survive in the 1950s)

David Owen (On how he sees himself politically now)

People whose lists I would like to see: Kerron, Jo, Antonia, Louisa, Travis (Which US Presidents if stuck), Skuds, Andrew at B4L, Norm, PooterGeek, Neil at BrightonRegency, Lisa Rullsenberg, and Andrew at WongaBlog


Bloggers4Labour said...

Bit busy today, but I will have a think...

Neil Harding said...

"which ten political leaders from the three main parties since 1945, living or dead, would I invite to dinner."

You've narrowed the choice a bit there, haven't you Paul?

I mean there isn't much room for picking anyone other than who you have chosen. In total there is only 10 Labour leaders to choose from and 10 Tory leaders (5 in the last 8 years) and the Lib Dems have had 5 leaders since they formed in 1988, the Liberals before them, 4 leaders and the SDP 3. A total of 32 leaders to choose from.

But for the record...


TONY BLAIR (to see if he really can play the guitar).

MARGARET BECKETT (Because very few people know she was the only ever female Labour leader - for 2 months).

MICHAEL FOOT (he was greatest leader and the press were bastards for picking on a man for wearing a dufflecoat - also once wrote some great lyrics for a song about him).

Michael Foot was a great bloke, I don't care what they say.
Just because he wore a dufflecoat on remembrance day.

GEORGE BROWN ('cos I haven't got a clue who he is).

Tory Scum:

MARGARET THATCHER (because I want to test out Morrissey's theory that her head really would lok nice in a guillotine).

(sir)ANTHONY EDEN (I always thought those Harry Enfield sketch's of the pompous 1950's twats were great. Now I could meet one in real life).

IAN DUNCAN SMITH (Find out if he knows anything at all about alleviating poverty, Cameron has put him head of his poverty commission for some unknown reason).

MICHAEL HOWARD or WILLIAM HAGUE (Doesn't matter which, although getting Howard to say 'peeple' would be a good laugh. Either would do just to remind me how great recent Tory leaders have been (for us, ha ha!) and also to make me feel less bald).

Liberal thingy parties.

JEREMY THORPE (But I wouldn't allow him to bring a gun, in case he shot someone's dog)

Finally...Monster Raving Loony Party.

SCREAMING LORD SUTCH (To add a bit of sanity to the discussion)

Definitely wouldn't invite...

CHARLES KENNEDY (wouldn't be able to afford all the booze!).

Paul Burgin said...

Well I have given the option of five, should anyone not have full general knowledge about them all