Sunday, April 02, 2006

April Fool's Day

(Associated Press)

I couldn't resist. Seven Fifty AM, I sent of a text message to about a dozen friends (irrespective of Party or political interests and/or allegancies) simply saying "PM has resigned".
True, it was a mistake to send one to a freelance journalist, but my general view was that I was not sophisticated enough with my practical jokes(unlike this blogger ;)), however within fifteen minutes one friend (not a Labour supporter) texted me back to say that everyone should throw a party. When I reminded her what day it was, she texted back her irritation, saying she was going to a wedding and how could I have done that to her.
Another friend texted me back, rather shocked, and my brother rang me up wanting the full details. Yet another checked the news channels.
Now none of these people are naive or dumb. It was simply a combination of, in one case, wishful hope, and in others having received the message as they were getting up. That said, I will have to be a bit more sophisticated next year.
(Press Association/Associated Press)
Anyways, yesterday was very busy with work and preparing for the forthcoming elections, and it was during a quiet moment at work that I browsed through a copy of the Guardian and read the article about Chris Martin.
Now that was clever, and I started to fall for it, but the bit about not voting Labour because there would never be a windmill on No. 10 was a bit OTT


Louisa Willoughby said...

Oh Paul, I wasn't irritated, I was amused :)

Paul Burgin said...

My mistake ;)

Kerron said...

Being a Lib Dem she was probably indifferent, but unsure about being indifferent. :-)

Kerron said...

Of course I knew it to be untrue straight away.

As my twin is leader of the Opposition he would have been straight on the phone to tip me off if Tony had gone. :-)

Paul Burgin said...

You mean the PM would confide in the Leader of the Opposition about such matters! :-)