Monday, April 03, 2006

The Boat Race

(BBC Online)
Was pleased to hear that Oxford won the Boat Race yesterday!
And I thought Cambridge's excuses were a bit shallow, suffice to say that I supported Oxford, not because I went there, or because I have had friends there etc.. That easily applies to Cambridge as well. It's just that I once lived very near Oxford and that is the reason for my loyalty, as it were.
But it did set me thinking, what if there was a boat race which was open to all Universities and Colleges in the UK. Obviously then I would be rooting for Luton, and Wardown Park would see a hub of activity on most winter and spring mornings. Admittedly Portsmouth might have an unfair advantage and (if held on the Thames, although in likelihood there would have to be several geographical locations) St Andrew's would have to travel some distance ;), plus there would probably have to be several events taking place over several weeks, but I am sure it would be a popular move once the practicalities had been sorted!
Plus such a move might lessen some prejudices ;)


Skuds said...

I always thought it was suspicious how the same two teams always got to the final...

Paul Burgin said...