Saturday, April 29, 2006

Campaigning Today

So yes it's coming into the last week, with more work done and more streets to do and more doors to knock on.
This afternoon was spent, first of all mowing the front lawn of Baldock Methodist Church, and rather quickly as the place gets used mid afternoon, followed by an intensive amount of leafleting.
One of the things you find when going leafleting or canvassing is that you find you forget the little things like "Oh yes, No x,y, and z has a letterbox in a wall!", or the pleasant smiles when you meet people, when you are bracing yourself for a barage of abuse because you are down a street with a rep for having a lot of Tory voters.
That said, now standing in this ward for a third time, you can't help but compare with what's the same and what's different.
I suppose with regards to the differences I am less naive and more cautious, and I also find I am recognised more and some people come up to me and ask if I am standing again! On a more personal level I feel a lot more serene and calm. I think I can say it now, that when I first started campaigning in 2003 I was a bag of nerves within my last week. Now I tend to be calm in all circumstances. The thing that bothered me today was that I realised I missed Tammy. During the last weekend or two in the previous times I stood in Baldock Town, she would come down to help me. She even agreed to be my partner at the count in 2003, much to her then-girlfriend's annoyance. It's not often I have had friends who were more enthusiastic about me in the things I have done, but she was one of them!
Some people are keen to give advice, whether optimistic or cynical in nature about my candidacy, but my stance is always the same with regards to standing. I do it because I think people should have the choice and I also do it because I actually believe Labour can do a very good job and can deliver the goods. I have seen it happen myself and that is what helped make me join. Not only that, but recently councils have been given greater powers and responsibilities to make our areas a cleaner place to live in. There is now increased child benefit, plus the extension of free nursery education. Those are the sort of policies which is Labour at it's best and what makes this a better place to live in.
Yes mistakes get made sometimes, yes the behaviour and stance of some is disapointing, but we try and it would be sad to see that disappear under the Tories. In North Herts (which is Conservative controlled), we have already seen a tax hike from the District Concil, the stopping of funding buses and dail-a-ride for the elderly and disabled and the increase of allotment charges by 85%. These policies are morally questionable and unfair and yet, year in, year out, they look elsewhere to try and shift the blame. Being in politics is tough and sometimes painful, but taking responsibility is a firm sign of maturity.
But anyway, it's late. I'm tired, and there are things to do!
And as you can see from the photos I have just taken, my desk needs a spring clean.

As, I suppose, do I!
(That's the first self photo I have done, where I have looked directly a the camera and did not involuntary start blinking because of the flash. Am rather pleased :) )


Kerron said...

It's easier to stay calm if you know you are not going to win. ;-)

Paul Burgin said...

I take it you are talking from experience then! ;-)