Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Changing Faces

Via Dear Diary

I have done this test before on another website, and I came up as Paul McGann. The Hartnell Doctor came at the bottom of the list. So it just goes to show how inaccurate these tests are.
BTW Kerron has recently showed us how he looks, post beard.

I mentioned that I thought he looked a bit like Paul McGann's Doctor. Which in turn reminded me of various comments that fellow blogger, Andrew West, a.k.a. WongaBlog, bears a passing resemblance to David Tennant.

This in turn has made me wonder which blogger is the missing link?

I suggest that it is Neil Harding, aka Brighton Regency Labour Supporter, who is the blogger who looks most like Christopher Eccleston!

Any suggestions as to which bloggers resemble other Doctors, various assistants etc.. will be welcome. But I draw the line at Daleks, Cybermen, and indeed K9 ;)


Kerron said...

All offers of acting work still greatly appreciated.

Although I should state I am much more talented than Paul or any of the other McGann brothers. Thanks. :-)

Andrew said...

Did you just call Neil the missing link? :-)

I should say that I'm available for photoshoots with Billie Piper at a fraction of DT's cost. That way he can have time off to go see Lisa, or something :-)

Paul Burgin said...

I take it you were not impressed by Tne Monocled Mutineer then Kerron! ;)
Andrew, if you do get such work, as we have sort of discussed before, I would be greatful if you could get me a small role! ;)

Kerron said...

The Monocled Mutineer???

And Paul, we all know about your small part - please keep it to yourself. :-/

Paul Burgin said...

The Monocled Mutineer???
The role which made Paul McGann famous


Kerron said...

When you say "famous"...

Paul Burgin said...

Well infamous if you prefer :)