Saturday, April 08, 2006

Guardian Review, Pg 3

Okay Kerron, what did you do to upset Posy Simmonds! ;)


Kerron said...

Blimey O'Reilly!

Don't think I've met Posy Simmonds.

Is the article next to it connected, I can't read it.

I'd like at this point I am not checking out anyone's "baps" enhanced or otherwise, just in case Gemma is reading this!

And I don't know anyone called Roxy.

If Posy wants to do further pieces on my alleged womanising I'd welcome it though. It may transform my rather bookish reputation. :-)

Paul Burgin said...

No, the article next to it is not connected, I just looked twice when I saw the name!
You! Bookish reputation! Surely not! ;)

Kerron said...

You just don't know the books. ;-)

There are probably about 2 other people in Britain (maybe the whole world called Kerron) so you really have to ask yourself why she came up with that name.

I've always wanted to be inspirational.

Although surprisingly not a cartoon minor celebrity who ogles women's enhanced breasts. :-/

Paul Burgin said...

Could be your twin trying to blacken your name! ;)

Kerron said...

I have no idea whether David Cameron ogles women's enhanced breasts, but for legal purposes I'll suggest he doesn't.

Unless you are suggesting he is entering into some kind of conspiracy with the Guardian to blacken my name.

I find that even harder to accept. But if you say so, it must be true. :-)

PS How many votes do you think this conversation will win you in Baldock? ;-)

Paul Burgin said...

Note several things Kerron!

1) I never mentioned your twin's name

2)I have never suggested anything Cameron has done that is immoral or illegal (unless it is leading the Conservative Party ;) )

3)I trust the people of Baldock will take a mature attitude and approach when they vote in less than four weeks time!

Kerron said...

Have we made it illegal to be leader of the Tory Party now?

That Charles Clarke is a bit hardcore isn't he? :-)

Paul Burgin said...

Oh definetly!
I meant immoral, but I hasten to add that it was tounge in cheek! ;)
Honestly, cowardice before a joke ;)