Tuesday, April 11, 2006

In Famous Footsteps

Yesterday I met up with Liz in London, and on her mentioning that, despite living in the City for most of her life, she had not seen everything there, I took her to see Abbey Road Studios.
Then I realised that here was too good an oppurtunity to miss and she took the following photo

Suffice to say that I felt like a tourist, but it does feel strange to be following the footsteps of these guys.



Aline said...

Nice pic Paul. But I wonder how many times the people living in those houses have seen someone taking big steps across that zebra crossing while someone takes a picture.

Paul Burgin said...

:-) I was feeling guilty as I passed that car. I didn't see the driver, but I could almost hear him or her thinking, "B***** tourist! I always have to stop the car here!"